Pool Complexes at Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Children's Pool at Night Heron Park

A large children's pool at the Night Heron Park, complete with 27 water features including a dual speed slide and a kid's slide, approximately 190 feet of "zero entry," a total perimeter footage of 457 feet and a total square footage of approximately 8,500 sq. ft.

Family and Lounging Pool at Night Heron Park

This is Night Heron's family-friendly 5,233 sq. ft. pool with 304 perimeter footage, three 25 meter lap lanes and approximately 416 sq. ft. of 9" deep lounging area, the perfect place for quiet adult relaxation, lap swimming and aqua aerobics. The pool is used for swim lessons and select children's Kamp Kiawah activities.


West Beach Pool

The third 4,760 sq. ft. pool (with 317 perimeter footage including approximately 90 feet of "zero entry") at West Beach. The pool features both an adult section and a large play structure with nine water toys and two additional shallow water features for smaller children. It also includes a circular slide with a 90-foot run - the perfect amenity for members in West Beach.

Join as a Pool Member 


Includes entry into pool for the entire season

Guest Fees

Adult Pass - $15 per day (ages 13 and above)
Child Pass- $10 per day (ages 4-12)
Under 3 are free

Pool Unaccompanied Family - Pool Add-On
The Pool Add-On allows your grown children, grandchildren, parents and siblings to use the three resort pools without being accompanied by a member. The cost is $250 per family. All information including names, dates of birth and photos for Pool Add-On family members must be received by March 1. A daily fee applies for each person entering the pool.  Each Pool Add-On family member will receive a card for pool access.