Pool Add-On Form

Fill out this form for your adult children, grandchildren, parents and siblings. For additional adult children and their family: after clicking submit, go back to the original email and click the link to submit the names and dates of birth for additional adult children and their families. Please download photos for each family member.

Contact Information

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Information Requested

1. All information including names, birth dates and photos of each Pool Add-On family member must be received prior to March 1.
2. Each Pool Add-On family member must present their Pool Add-On card at the pool shop prior to entry to the pool. Daily fees apply for each person entering the pool.
3. Additional guests will be allowed entry with a Pool Add-On family member. Daily fees apply.
4. Pool Add-On family members do not have charging privileges.
5. Pool Add-On family members must abide by all pool rules. If rules are broken, pool privileges will be revoked.
6. Pool Add-On family members may enter the pool unaccompanied between March 1 and the Sunday following Thanksgiving.
7. Initial Pool Add-On fee will be charged to members Governor's Club account.

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